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We are a private Spa Garden dedicated to your health and happiness. It is our mission to create a community spa garden for your ultimate pampering pleasure.

We currently offer the highest quality professional massages, holistic skin care, an outdoor private hot tub for soaking, customized picnics, and fancy tea parties. We are also a unique venue for social events and entertainment rental opportunities. Please contact us to discuss the special event you wish to have at Secret Garden.


 Thank you for your support!

Your happiness is our happiness :)



Nestled in the Grove neighborhood of St. Louis,

Secret Garden is an enchanting property with historical significance.  The two main structures were built in 1880, the back one being a carriage house and the front one a boarding house for travelers.

In the 1970's through 1980's artist W.A. Sueomeyer aka 'The Duke' or 'Eagle Man',  worked for the Busch family and both built and showed his art sculptures at Secret Garden.  Some of his most famous works consisted of the iconic Anheuser-Busch 'A' with the eagle flying through, gazebos at Busch Gardens, and the turtles across from Forest Park. Here in Secret Garden lie pieces of The Duke's Story.  

We Rock!

Extended Bios


Sara Cox

Struggling to start a career with meaning and purpose, I discovered the realm of massage therapy. In 2012 I graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs. The following year I opened Power of Touch Massage and Bodywork Spa. After five years of growing a business, I decided to sell and move to Hawaii to learn more about the healing arts, specifically Lomi Lomi.

I have since learned a broad range of modalities from around the world to be able to cater each client’s unique needs. It is my goal to catalyze you into your truest and healthiest being.  I want to help you conquer your wellness goals, so you can tap into your potential healing powers and repair from the inside out. Only you are your best doctor!

I am a Missouri native and am excited to be in the Midwest getting back to my roots! When I find free time I enjoy dancing, live music, and supporting local businesses.

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