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eat your way to good health

Coming Soon to Secret Garden....Microgreens Monday!

Secret Garden will be doing a pop up microgreens market once a week on mondays. Come in and get your favorite tasty varieties of the healthiest food grown around!

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are baby plants harvested after 1-2 weeks of growth. This means that microgreens have up to 40x the nutrition of adult plants. All of those nutrients mean extra flavor. Our microgreens are flavor dense nutritious superfood!

How can I buy them?

Come on by Secret Garden from 3-7pm on Mondays and pick up in house or text us at 314-496-7496 and we will bring out curbside.

We will be selling a variety of individual microgreens (kale, arugula, radish, broccoli, pak choi, pea, etc) as well as a regular and spicy salad mix.

Our individual packages are .75 oz and cost $2. They are good for a couple sandwiches, bowls of soup, pasta, smoothies, etc. 

Our salad mixes are 2 oz and cost $5. Just add dressing for the most delicious nutritious meal available anywhere! You would have to eat up to 2.5lbs of veggies to equal the nutrition packed in this powerhouse of a salad!

We will post the available microgreens the day before market on instagram @secretgardenmicrogreens

Custom orders will need a two week notice. For commercial/restaurant inquiries or any other questions email us at 

Why is our food the healthiest grown food in the world?

5 stage filtered water

Actively filtered air

Non-gmo heirloom seeds

3x washed coco coir based sustainable potting mix

Hand washed and 2x sanitized growing trays

Bioavailable plant based fulvic/humic trace minerals added


MicroGreens: About The Spa
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