New to the Grove in St. Louis, Secret Garden is a private and highly personalized indoor/outdoor spa garden.  We offer a one-of-a-kind body care experience in pampering by providing a full spectrum of both alternative and traditional therapies from around the world.  We pride ourselves in giving you only high-quality massages and skin care that leave you with a memorable and extraordinarily incredible experience.
Because Paradise really isn't so far away...


Image by A Fox
Hot Stone Massage

“This place is amazing! I took my girlfriend here and she couldn’t stop talking about it. Everything is very down-to-earth and relaxed, you don’t have to worry about the cold and impersonal reception you get at some places. This place is all about personal interaction, it’s much more a haven of tranquility than a business.”

E. Bucher


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1327 South Vandeventer Avenue
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The easiest and fastest way to purchase a gift certificate is to follow the link below and send the person you care for a special e-gift card via email.

Or if you prefer, we have a fancier hard copy gift certificate that we can send to the recipient via snail mail.  You may also make an appointment to pick one up here at Secret Garden.

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