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This classic massage is good for people new to the world of massage.  Its aim is to promote relaxation and manage minor pain by releasing muscle tension, encouraging circulation, and softening connective tissue.  Swedish is more gentle than deep tissue massage and best suited for those wanting a softer, lighter touch.


A massage pre/post workout to rid the muscles of toxin buildup, aid in injury prevention/recovery, and enhance athletic, performance.  A combination of techniques are used, including facilitated stretching, friction, shaking, kneading, slapping, and vibration.

Hawaiian Hot Lava Stones

The healing power of heat from Hawaiian Lava Stones is combined with traditional massage techniques to elicit physical healing, mental relaxation and spiritual connection to earth energy. Tension melts away as warm Basalt stones are placed on specific points of the body to relax tight muscles while encouraging the exchange of blood and lymph.

Thai Yoga

In this Thai-style massage, the practitioner guides your body through a series of yoga postures to stimulate acupressure points along the Sen body energy lines. Thai or Lazy Yoga is performed on a floor mat, where both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing, allowing easy movement and flexibility.

Soul Train

Sick of being walked-on? This massage is pure bliss for your feet, calves, and ankles. 

Let's add-on Reflexology, a foot soak, paraffin wax treatment and foot creme; guaranteed to make you boogie down! 

Flight of Massage

With so many different styles of touch to choose from, it may be difficult to pick just one.  Let us know what three massages you're most interested in experiencing and your therapist will give you samples of each.  Massage Flight's are generally an hour in length with three 20 minute massage samples, or 90 minutes with three 30 minute massage samples.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is a good option if you prefer more pressure than relaxing Swedish.  This massage assesses and prevents soft tissue injuries and chronic pain by stimulating deep layers of muscle tissue.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Our most popular massage.  This truly magical bodywork is given in long, flowing strokes from head to toe, massaging both the top and underside of your body at the same time. Lomi Lomi rids the body of negative energy such as toxins, tension and injury, while restoring the mana or “power within”. Feel the gentle ocean waves roll over your body as you soak up paradise. Aloha!

Japanese Ashiatsu

Ashiatsu which means "foot pressure", is the deepest massage available. The therapist delivers broad, consistent, deep pressure while utilizing their feet and body weight. Parallel bars are used above the table for balance, support and client safety. 

Raindrop Aromatherapy

The quintessential life force or ‘soul’ of aromatic plants, essential oils absorb into the skin’s surface for a variety of effects including relaxation, nourishment, deep cleansing, rejuvenation and balance.

Mary Jane

A massage incorporating the powerful healing benefits of marijuana-infused oil. Cannabis is highly effective in treating a variety of muscle, joint, nerve and skin conditions. 


We want to give you the best massage!  After a short interview, we assess your body, and give you a special customized massage to fit your health and wellness goals. 

Neuromuscular/ Trigger Point

This treatment is best suited for those who have a specific issue, condition or injury. Certain areas of tightness in the muscles, known as trigger points, can cause pain in other parts of the body. Ideal for releasing chronic tension and to help improve range of motion, injury rehabilitation and inflammatory-related pain. 


The nurturing touch during a pregnancy massage is uplifting both physically and emotionally for the mother-to-be and her baby. Massage eases neck and lower back pain, improves edema, helps posture, and provides flexibility to birthing muscles. This very special massage is a safe way for a pregnant woman to reduce body aches, stress, and to ease muscle soreness.

Hot Bamboo Fusion

Warmed bamboo sticks of varying sizes are used to glide over client’s body to deliver deep relaxation, while soothing away muscle tension. This modality is suggested for those who are looking for relaxing deep tissue work. Some clients prefer bamboo to be used in conjunction with hot stones.


Abhyanga Ayurvedic

A soothing Ayurvedic treatment performed by two therapists working in synchronization. Therapists drizzle warm oil on the body then massage it in using long, fluid mirrored strokes. This is a luxuriously relaxing massage with double the pleasure.. Ayurveda is a traditional form of medicine in India. This healing and ancient massage regulates the client's dosha by anointing the body from head to toe by using a warm, herbal infused oil that is made specific to the client's needs.


Perfect for couples, friends, or family members that want a shared massage experience. This meaningful massage is done in the same room, side by side, with two massage therapists at your beckoning. You may choose which type of massage style you’d like to receive, and you and your partner can each get a different type of massage depending on your preference.

 For a more private massage you may also request to be in separate rooms.  


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